HPE Aruba LTE Sensor

abonnementslisens (1 år) - 5 MB mobiltelefondata
Produsent Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Artikkel nr. Q9X69AAE

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9 204 kr

  • Informasjon
    • Experience high performance networking
    • Management and monitoring - the heart of a cloudmanaged network
    • Powerful business and network insights
    • Deliver custom guest access
    As workplaces become more digital, and the adoption of mobile and cloud applications grow, the network and IT staff supporting them need to meet the rising demands for secure, high-speed network access.

    Building and maintaining wireless and wired networks that both users and businesses can thrive on should be as simple as using email. Relevant data should be at your fingertips. Basic configuration changes should be easy and access needs to be available from anywhere at any time.

    Organizations seeking new and efficient ways to optimize their network investments - while also improving operations - need innovative solutions that adapt to their evolving needs. Aruba's cloud-managed networks are the answer to these user, IT and business demands.

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