Citrix ShareFile Enterprise Edition

utvidelse av abonnement (1 år) - ekstra 100 GB kapasitet
Produsent Citrix
Artikkel nr. 3007800-ED

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10 488 kr

  • Informasjon
    • Powerful tools to easily integrate ShareFile into your workflow
    • Dedicated account manager to help you with set up and support
    • Create online folders
    • Tracking and alerts to confirm that clients have received files
    • Files encrypted in transfer and storage
    • Granular folder permissions
    • Customizable security settings
    Designed for the needs of enterprise IT, ShareFile Enterprise offers a choice of storage entitlements and is scalable to thousands of employees.

    ShareFile offers competitive pricing plans to fit every company size and budget. Billing is based on total employees and bandwidth used, so your payment for the system is based on the business value that you receive from it.

    ShareFile allows you to create a custom-branded, password-protected space where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. Whether you need to send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer, or just require a collaboration space where project-related files can be posted, ShareFile has the solution for you.

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