Signotec Pad Omega with HID USB

signaturterminal - USB
Produsent signotec
Artikkel nr. ST-CE1075-2-U100
  • 3 730,00 kr
  • 105,19 kr/mnd
  • Informasjon
    • 5-inch full-color TFT with backlight
    • Display of text and graphics
    • Scroll function for graphics
    • Buffering of at least ten color graphics in the pad
    • Internal storage can be used for slide shows
    • Interactive operation via buttons and checkboxes
    • No external power supply required
    • Secure HID USB, therefore hot-plug-capable and no driver installation required
    • Unique serial number that can be retrieved via API
    • Terminal server variants available
    • 1024 pressure stages
    • No special pen required, cheap replacement
    • Scratch-resistant special sensor
    • No malfunction if the heel of the hand touches the sensor while signing
    The signotec Pad Omega captivates with a flat surface without edges between sensor and housing. The design makes for ultra-ergonomic signing. Pen and sensor convey a feeling similar to writing on paper. Plus, the rounded sides allow the heel of the hand to transition smoothly from signature tablet to table, without disrupting the signing process. The pen itself has the size and feel of an actual ballpoint pen and works entirely without electronics and power supply. Replacing the passive pen is inexpensive and the pad can continue to be used if the pen is lost.

    The special sensor on the Omega features a newly developed robust surface which allows signatures to be accurately captured for many years. The display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixel allows an outstanding display of graphics and text, including graphics with a height of up to 960 pixels which can then be scrolled. Two adjustable lights indicate the device status to the user.

    Particular emphasis should be given to the unique 10 freely programmable memory spaces on the pad where recurring content can be permanently stored. This results in an enormous speed benefit for the graphics layout as these are not repeatedly loaded onto the pad but instead simply retrieved.

    This large internal storage can also be used for slide shows. Graphics can be permanently stored on the pad. You determine the display sequence and duration. The slide show runs independently, without connection to the software. Simply plug into a USB port and you're ready.

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